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Chapter 5: The Names of the Men of Many Names


When we have a purely spiritual body, we cannot properly distinguish the difference between pleasure and pain, lightness and weight, heat and cold; nothing has a taste, nothing has a smell, all sensations are only a projection of the senses, an expectation, or, paradoxical as it may seem, a memory of something we have not even experienced; even vision and hearing are captured in a very different way from the one we grasp today.

Mortal life, however short it may be, allows us to experience all these sensations through a physical body made of a more consistent and stable matter. And not only to experience them, but to share or even arouse such sensations in others.

There is an enrichment of matter around our essence, an addition of glory.

Following Heylel would mean giving up all of this.

Lucifer and his angels could understand all the mechanics of desire, all the laws of attraction, but they would never feel the pleasure of contact, the exchange of heat, the taste of sweat, the odors. The life we would have without our mortal experience would be eternal but not whole.

When I say that we did not have a physical body then, I do not mean that we were without form, invisible or even intangible. On the contrary, we were made of a substance a little more elemental than the physical matter we possess today, but our body was equally tangible and visible and in the same form we have today, even though our appearance was somewhat different — when I say form, I speak of the head with ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue and teeth; of the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet; of the breast, nipples, belly, navel and genitals.

We are begotten and born spiritually in the same fashion that we are begotten and born in the physical world, that is, from the womb of our heavenly Mother just as our physical mother gave birth to us here on Earth. And, just like it is here, there we are born naked.

Nothing in this process or in our nature was hidden or embarrassing, nor was our nakedness or the nakedness of our Parents.

And because we knew the nakedness of our Parents, we knew that we were made exactly in Their image and likeness.

However, unlike ours, the bodies of the Gods were of flesh and bones, for They had already passed through mortality on a world similar to this and, having died, were rescued and reconstituted in order that They could give continuity to the cycles of life which keeps the universes expanding.

So They could have eternal life, there could be no corruption in Their bodies, so that instead of blood, Their veins and arteries were filled with a translucent and illuminated sap.

However, the absence of blood did not allow Them to have carnal children.

As soon as we became aware of the limitations of our spiritual bodies, we longed for an increase of glory that would allow us to have a carnal and eternal body like those of our Heavenly Parents.

Perhaps to minimize our anxiety, we received from time to time certain endowments that represented an increase of power and influence. Such endowments were symbolized by adornments or vestments that had a ceremonial and hierarchical character.

Such garments or adornments were not intended to cover our nakedness, for in that first state there was no offensive connotation related to the organs of fertility or even the union of bodies, as morally distorted men would think there should be.

Just as on Earth our Heavenly Mothers had fertile periods and our Father would lay with Them before us, so that it was no secret how we had left Chaos to be received into the Cosmos as spiritual children of that divine family.

We saw the conception of our spirits as a poetic and beautiful act.

Ahman was fed by the intelligences brought from Chaos, and somehow His perfect body made that chaotic matter that fell into his throat to line itself neatly into a seed that flowed in ecstasy in the womb of His Wives. Those Wives also fed on the elements brought from the same Chaos. Such elements joined the seed of intelligence in Her divine womb, generating our spiritual bodies, which, being nourished, grew in light and understanding.

Nothing very different from the way our physical bodies are generated and brought to the light of this Earth in this new sphere of existence in which we now inhabit.

There were in that Celestial Kingdom other Men and Women with exalted physical bodies coming from the same Sphere where Zeus and His Wives had had Their mortal experience: some were fertile and had Their own clusters of spiritual children in Their own Heavenly Mansions, and prepared Their own plans of redemption within the limits of the universes which Their Father Chronos had left them by inheritance; others were infertile, and therefore did not feed on the matter brought from Chaos, but contributed their time and talents by taking part in the education of the spiritual children of the Gods of that Kingdom, helping them to reach the fullness of their potential in that first State of existence. 

We also knew of many other Kingdoms in which other unfertile men and women inhabited the immensities of the universe by living laws different from those of the Heavenly Mansion. Men and women of flesh and bones who had come from the same Sphere in which our Father had experienced His mortality. This is because not all the children of the Gods were able to live up to heavenly standards after their mortal experience. 

And because we had no contact with these other Realms of Glory, we could not know if any other set of laws would make us happier than those who ruled our lives in that Sphere. 

Ahman knew us. He knew which laws would cause us pleasure, and which ones would cause us repulsion. Thus, He already knew which of His children would return to His presence and which would opt for other Realms when our mortal experience would come to an end. 

So that we could understand the full extent of the justice and mercy of His Plan — the one Yahweh so earnestly defended — Ahman gathered all of us for a new council, the Initiatory Council. 

At that ceremony, Ahman and some of our instructors spoke about Their mortal experiences and about the moment of Their resurrection when the Jesus of Their Earth announced to the four winds that they were to assemble the elements for the reconstitution of the bones of all the men who had inhabited that distant planet; and how that army of bones was covered with more elements that were transmuted from dust into joints and muscles, guts and skin. 

From the tiniest structure to the most complex chain of tissues, they formed a renewed and perfect body lying still lifeless on the ground. 

And the Jesus of that world called the first spirit by name, and as he drew near, he lay down upon his former body, now renewed and perfect. 

And that Jesus washed the dust of that new body and anointed each of its parts and laid His hands on the backs of both body and spirit interlaced, and took them by the arm, and told them the words of the ritual of resurrection, and pulled them, body and spirit, in a jolt, making them one physical and eternal body. 

And that Jesus embraced the first resurrected man, whispering into his ears each one of the names that had been his key of identity in every sphere of existence through which he had passed. 

And the once spiritual eyes and ears of that new man opened up physically again, and the memory of all the life he had had in the world of the dead and the living and the life he had had next to Chronos, his Father, came back to his mind, which was now a perfect and eternal. 

That resurrected man was now like the Gods who gave him life, a Man of Many Names. No longer a man of flesh and blood as he had been in mortality; but a man of flesh and bones, that is, a perfect man. 

Like the good memories, there also came the bad ones. And the memory of all guilt and deceit and stumbling, and the memory of all the pain he had caused to others and to himself, which made him realize the person he really was. 

And still trembling with the new consciousness that he had acquired, he called the name of another spirit and did the same thing he had seen his Jesus do with him. And the other lifted up others, and the others lifted up the rest, until all stood, each one of them already aware of the portion of divinity and humanity that each carried within themselves. 

And so, all the spiritual children of that cluster rose for eternal life or eternal death. 

Yea, those who did not honor their second estate or who rebelled against divine judgments could not be accepted into any of the Cosmos's realms of glory, and all along they sucked into themselves all the light that they had received, so that they became dead stars, being sucked into the Chaos and the Darkness from where they had been bought. 

The others followed in a journey from the most distant planet of that system, to the brightest star, passing by the sentinels that guarded the entrance of each Kingdom. 

And because they now had a perfect consciousness of who they were and what pleased them or caused pain, aware of all the lightness or weight, heat or cold, they knew if they should stay in the most distant realms under the command of the Comforter; in the new Earth, under the command of their Savior; or whether they would advance to the abode of Chronos to dwell with Him for the eternities until they were able to follow the footsteps of their Father and create their own universes. 

And this judgment of themselves was possible because their mortal experience served as a two-sided mirror that allowed them to see clearly who they were indeed and what actually made them happy. 

Ahman, who was Amman, who was Brahma, who was Ammon, who was Allah, who was Elohim, who was Odin, who was Zeus, who was Olorun, who was Tupan, who is our Father, who like the other Gods is a Man of Many Names, and who experienced all those things we were being prepared to experiment, made us go up to the altar and stand at His side before the veil. 

He washed and anointed us touching each of our naked parts as if He were finishing the work of His creation and telling us by what purpose each part had been created. 

Water representing the creation of our spiritual body, made of a more fluid and elemental substance; oil representing the future creation of our physical body, which would be made of a richer substance, full of smell and taste. 

And, finally, He covered our nakedness with a cloak that represented the masks and shields that we would use throughout our lives to protect us from ourselves and from the influence of the Destroyer. 

He embraced us so that His whole body touched ours and whispered in our ears our "new name," the name that would remind us of the many names we would have and which would allow us to descend into the world of the dead and return to life, a name that would identify us through the ages. 

He further told us that we should be careful never to reveal it or to expose our mind to dulling substances that would expose our most secret truths, for Lucifer had all the knowledge of the whole plan and of all the things that had occurred in all other worlds, and he knew all the ceremonies and rituals to which we had been subjected, and would go through the eternities with this knowledge; but that name would be a secret to him, so he would only have some power over us if he could somehow discover it. 

And the other Men and Women of the Sacred Place stood by the veil and proceeded in the same way with each one of the many billions of spiritual children who had been gathered at the foot of the altar. 

And from there, some were chosen to go down to the place where Heylel had been taken because there was space there for the construction of the new Earth. 

There the archangels appointed as builders and designers would begin the works of Creation.


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