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Chapter 8: The First Days

When we entered that cloud of chaotic matter that floated as a dark, raging sea in the great expansion, our entourage had already studied all the processes that would assemble the physical and ethereal materials that were scattered in the liquid ashes of that dead star, so that the dust and the gases would condense and form the ongoing gear of the new system. 

We knew exactly where to place the force generators that would initiate the implosions which would attract the large masses of elements to the point they would get condensed generating even more energy.

Now, in the distance, as our ship moved away from the nebula, we were enchanted with the beauty of the work of our hands, exploding and imploding in great lakes of fire and brimstone that consumed all the dust and gases in a spectacle of colors and sounds, creating gigantic waves in that chaotic ocean of elements which the sons of perdition now called home. 

When we were apprentices and our Masters told us of when They were sent to lay the foundations of Their ancient worlds, our spiritual eyes projected Their words into living images before us. 

However, what was now in front of us was no longer a mere projection.

It was not the first time that our entourage had laid the foundations for the organization of a stellar body; after all, there is the need for a systemic gear to be aligned so that life can take its course in a new star of the expansion; but that Sphere was different from the others, it was our home which, by our own intervention, gained form before us. 

We had scattered generators with different capacities to draw energy on the face of the abyss. 

As the spheres revolved around each other, they created a whirlpool in the dark liquid of that great cloud that made the elements in disarray be drawn and consumed by the boiling lava that was beginning to burn all of that dead matter.

In the heat of the fire, the elements received new orders of organization, so that they were transformed according to the necessity that each new Sphere had for the maintenance of their relations of influence that would allow life to be brought to the New World. 

As, by natural order, smaller bodies revolved around larger bodies, as a result of the settlement of generators. Thus, particles with a lower concentration of energy began to spin around particles with a higher one. 

And, as they revolved around each other, they began to establish power relations one to another so they could gain more light and form. And the mist around them was condensing and revealing the depths of the great abyss.

Such revolutions created waves in the misshapen web of that portion of stellar dust. Our ship took advantage of the waves created by the forming stars to be launched through the immensities of space on our journey back to the Star from which we had come. 

Crossing the dark tunnel dug into the giant waves of the expansion, we saw Kolob's light and our hearts calmed down. We were home again. 

Along with other archangels who led that expedition, I, Udiel, accompanied Jehovah and Michael to the Hall of the Throne, where Ahman expected to hear the account of our deeds. 

"My children, come and tell Me everything that has happened on your journey."

"Father," Jehovah went forward, "We did as Thou hast instructed us, and we went down to that unorganized web to give a new order to the matter that Thou hast commanded us to organize. 

And by the word of our power, we have made a separation between darkness and light, so that we may prepare a new star as we have done before." 

"Is the darkness strong enough to hold the light in its orbit?" 

"Yes. Everything has been done as Thou hast instructed us."

"We also saw that the light was good," said Michael, "and we have concluded our first intervention in the construction of the new system and in the harmonization of its revolutions within the great web of stars that fill the immensities of Thy universes. And the flaming light of the elements, we called Day; and the dark void that held the elements in their orbit, we called Night. 

The new Sphere does not yet revolve around the regulating stars that control their times and seasons so there could be actual days and nights as the plan of Creation predicts. Although, seeing that light emerge in the midst of darkness was certainly a stunning experience. It is the dawn of a new day for Thy children."

"Yes, My children, the light is certainly the most challenging of creations. If the elements of darkness cannot be enlightened, there is no energy; without energy, there is no matter; and without matter, there is no progress. Whole universes collapse and gods die, consumed by darkness. 

However, the flame of the furnace is not lit without smudging the hands with charcoal." 

Looking into my eyes, He proceeded to ask, "How was your encounter with the dissidents, Udiel?" 

"There is so much heartache in their eyes. Much mourning and gnashing of teeth in the sea of fire and brimstone which they now call home." 

"A sea of fire that will soon cool down and give shape to the dry land where your feet and theirs will rest.", He stated.

"Yes, I believe this will be the purpose of our second intervention.", I agreed. "As for the dissidents, although we have met some resistance from a certain part of their host, there was also a lot of cooperation. 

I confess I did not expect to find them in such a state of misery and still be able to count on their support." 

"I realize, of course, that the suffering of so many dissidents has made you pity them, which is understandable. Nonetheless, your heart now doubts the justice of My judgment." 

"How could I not pity them? Many of them were archangels like me. We were instructed by the same Masters, we had the same opportunities for growth. It could have been me instead."

"Your feeling is noble, Udiel. But if noble feelings make you doubt My love, how noble can they really be? Behold, for this will be the greatest challenge of your future state. After all, recognizing the love of a father when everything is in harmony is easy, but understanding his love in times of crisis will certainly be the most challenging test of your generation." 

Without fully understanding the need for such a crisis to be established in our midst, I said, "Why not keep everything in harmony? Why do we always have to walk so close to the abyss? I do not want to take the risk of slipping and, by doing so, not be able to return to Thy presence." 

"If you cannot return it is because you will be happier away from Me." 

"What happiness can there be far from Thee?"

"The fullness of joy is in the deity, which is infinite and eternal fatherhood and motherhood. Far from Me there is still friendship and brotherhood, which may allow distinct levels of happiness. At my side, what makes one happy, makes everyone, since we are One. Far from Me, such levels of happiness are more diverse and personal." 

"I do not know a single one of my brethren who would be happy having a life different from Thine or living away from Thee. 

We love Thee so much, Father."

"This is because you do not know your brethren or the lives they will choose to take when they are far from Me. I do not doubt the love of many of you, for I know you. But I also know the flesh, and the effect it will have on you and on each one of your brethren. And every suffering and every moment of joy will define you and help you understand your own identity. 

Now go all of you and gather your brethren to come down again to the New World. This time, make a separation between waters, so that the new Sphere begins to pulse and breathe, thus being prepared to receive the most primitive forms of life." 

Jehovah and Michael gathered the most experienced archangels and the second expedition began.

As Ahman had commanded us, we descended into Hades to build the respiratory lungs on the two poles of the new Sphere. And the vapors condensed creating the great seas. 

While the sources of external heat were not yet fully operating, the waters cooled down the new Sphere so that the ice spread all over its face. However, as those sources grew stronger, the ice melted and the water evaporated giving the sphere a bluish color. 

The new star was already beginning to breathe. 

The water got accumulated in the Great Seas, and the dry portion emerged with its mountains and valleys, propelling the fluid of life through rivers and streams that flowed like veins over and under the surface of the new Sphere.

And the sea of gases that spread on the face of the New World we called Sky. And we returned to Kolob to report the deeds of that intervention we called the Second Day of Creation. 

Jehovah and Michael stood before the throne of the Almighty, "Father, we came down as Thou hast commanded us, and we gathered the waters, making the dry portion appear in all its variety of reliefs. And the gathering of the waters we called Seas, and the dry portion we called Earth. 

The vapors have gathered around the new Sphere and now sprinkle over the mountains and valleys, keeping the flow of large rivers and small streams to beautify the face of the new world, thus ensuring a variety of climates and seasons.

"Very well, Jehovah and Michael. Now gather a new entourage and return to the Earth which you formed and cause it to move from its place and to fit in the gear of stars that you have already prepared. 

Thus, the larger Star, which receives its light from our Star, will illuminate one of the faces of the new Sphere, allowing the counting of days and seasons. The smaller Star, who receives its light from the larger One, will illuminate the other face of the beautiful Sphere. 

Make sure that the smaller Star keeps the waters in motion and all the other stars of this system exert their forces of influence one to another so that there may be conditions for life to inhabit the New World."

Jehovah and Michael left the throne of Ahman and assembled a new group of archangels versed in the most knowledgeable sciences which would be involved in the mission of that new expedition, as well as the machinery necessary for such meticulous endeavor. 

In gigantic ships, with provisions for more than a thousand years according to the revolutions of the new Sphere, that entourage descended into the distant system, cutting through the dark waves of the expansion. 

As instructed, they moved the new Sphere to fit into the system they had previously formed. 

The impulse given by machinery caused the Earth to revolve around itself as it struck its axis of revolutions around the larger Star, which in turn also revolved around that great Star from which it received its light.

The light of the larger Star illuminated one of the faces of the New World, melting the ice and causing seas to stir. 

The smaller Star controlled the tides and made the seas stay within their limits. 

The new Sphere breathed and pulsed and moved around itself and around the larger Star, alongside other stars which by the power of their magnetic influence kept the balance of the new system. 

Times and seasons could already be counted so that a thousand years in the new Sphere were equivalent to a day in the Sphere in which our heavenly family now lived.

And the star travelers returned to the presence of their Father again to give an account of their deeds and to tell Him that the New World already had the conditions to shelter and sustain life, since it already lived and breathed, and danced the ongoing cosmic dance of the universes.

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