25 de junho de 2018

Chapter 7: Darkness Covered the Face of the Abyss

An artist experienced in all arts understands the magnitude of movement, and the effect that lines and curves cause in the other’s perception, he is attentive to almost imperceptible details, his movements are previously studied, his speech is careful, he knows the best angles, makes good use of light and shadow, has respect for the form. There is a fury contained in each of his works that explodes in beauty and enchantment. A real artist is a sorcerer, a mesmerizer of the senses. He reveals and hides in the right measure, and his accuracy is primarily intuitive.

An alchemist skilled in all sciences is a practical and logical man. His reasoning is based on calculations; his calculations, on theories; and his theories spring from a comprehensive perception that only one who knows every natural law can have. Such knowledge allows him to manipulate what is considered to be real in order to create and reinvent the new. The sparks of his thoughts become tangible and, like the artist's work, he changes the perception of everyone around him.

A businessman masters the science and art of politics. He is careful in allowing or preventing whatever to be done, said or perceived by others, since each decision can have an astonishing or catastrophic effect on maintaining the fragile ecosystem of relationships. There is always someone holding up or being held in the balance of the Cosmos. And if the ones who are holding up structures move away, everything collapses. The function of the businessman is to maintain the balance of such relationships so that, at the end of the day, the portion he is held responsible for will still be able to grow.

Those ships transported an entourage of demigods, of eloheim, or in other words, of archangels versed in the broadest knowledge it was then possible to have. 

However, like every businessman who comes across an empty vault, like every artist who sees himself in front of a blank screen, or like every alchemist who is exposed to questions for which he has not yet found the answers, so we felt when entering that shapeless web of dark chaotic matter that we were supposed to assemble.

Darkness covered the face of the abyss, and those spirits of gods accustomed to the bright light of that star where they had lived for so long were temporarily blinded by the absence of light of that dark pit they were now moving their ships into. 

It took them some time to finally see the black and raging sea that enveloped them, a chaotic web similar to that from which our Father had long ago brought the essences He had swallowed to generate our spirits, a memory so painful that our minds of perfect recollection stubbornly tried not to remember. But how could it forget? And by remembering it, we were aware of how laborious it would be to carry out the assignment that we had been commissioned to do there. 

Yahweh and Mikhael put on their robes and ordered us to open one of the hatches of the larger ship. A beam of light led them safely to the face of the abyss. The dark waters receded before the descending light which illuminated everything around.

Beneath the surface of the raging waters, a disturbing silence gave a false idea of peace. 

A whirlpool formed around the demigods, and a voice that was being put forth at different waves of frequency seemed to surround them. 

"What are you doing in my domains?" 

"We were sent by Ahman to begin the work of Creation. He ordered us to separate the particles of physical matter from those of ethereal matter, and we intend to do so." 

Heylel drew near, clothed in a black robe. 

"Children of Ahman, our eyes have become accustomed to the shadows. The light of your presence bothers us. Be gone. Besides, I do not see in this abyss of dark waters the equipment necessary for you to carry out such a great endeavor."

"We have brought the equipment with us. We know that ye shall make no objection, for though your eyes have become accustomed to the darkness of this prison, your minds still miss all the beauty experienced in the Mansions of Our Father. Once the work of Our hands is finished, this will also be your home and ye shall be able to walk freely across the face of the new world. But if at first rather ye seek to remain in darkness, we shall respect such choice." 

"Choice! Do you still believe in that fallacy? Your Father does what He pleases and runs over everyone who stands in His way. He is a businessman who is more concerned with the growth of His own empire than with anything else.

By calling you children, He makes you think that you are the best of all His creations. But what makes you better than the sheep, the wolf, the eagle, or the lion? What makes you better than stones? In fact, those creations do their duty well enough throughout the immensities of the endless universes; but you, 'children of God,' because you trust in the illusion that you have any choice concerning your destiny, you continually make mistake after mistake until you lose the right to every single promise He has assured to grant you with." 

"Lucifer, after all this time thou hast been given to reconsider thy position, is this what thou still thinketh about Father?" inquired Yahweh in dismay.

"What I think about Amman or what He thinks about me is irrelevant. You will always be my brother, Yahweh. So I fear for your naïveté. Only in your romantic consciousness can you think I had any opportunity to reconsider anything. 

Father expelled me as soon as He had the chance, for He knew that I could prove to all of you that I was right, by establishing a new system of government that would diminish His power over His children, a system of government that would allow more of our brethren to ascend to the highest places of everlasting progress."

"Lucifer, thou hast long been in the darkness of this prison. Let there be light, and may the light remind thee of thine origin, which is divine. Thou hadst been created to be a god but behold what thyself hast turned out to be. Everything thou hast planted in thy heart and in the hearts of those who followed thee were seeds of self-destruction and disorder. Thou hast led thyself to be consumed by pride and ambition in such a way that those lies have become truth to thee." 

"It is of no use to insist, Jehovah." Said Michael, interrupting his brother. "Lucifer will not listen to thee, nor will he make it any easier for us to begin the works of our hands."

Lucifer did not stop, "My brethren, darkness and void make time run slower in this place. We had to somehow manage not to lose our reason or to confuse ourselves with the Chaos which we all came from. With our own hands, we made use of this ethereal matter that surrounds us to erect our dwellings and establish the terms of our domains. This is our home and we hope it will continue to be." 

"We will not displace you from your settlement. We will maintain your dominion over this portion of darkness that sustains the light of the energies that produce the physical matter. There is room for all of you in the world that we are about to create. Let there be light, and everything will take its place."

At this point, Heylel, already weary of arguing, yielded to the insistence of the Creators, "Let there be light and the will of the Most High be done. And may the light bring new hope to those who have been cut off from the Book of Life," he said in a tone of irony. 

Heylel went to his own, who did not receive his resolutions very well. 

Unlike the spirits of our Father, there was no unity among dissenters. There were many heads and each followed their own moral guidelines and standards. 

And many were in ambush against us. They knew that if they destroyed our equipment, they would at least delay the start of our works.

Many thought that if they took over our ships, they could return to our Father's presence to demand of Him a retreat. They supposed that those black robes they had woven for themselves would somehow replace the priestly robes we wore in our travels which protected us from the corrosive radiations of the Oliblish rings, which in turn protected the abode of the Gods. 

But precisely because each one acted for himself and without much direction, their plans did not come to fruition. 

If there had been a sun to count days and nights, we would have counted a thousand earthly years from the day we began separating the elements, putting an order in all the chaos of that small piece of matter that had come from an old stellar explosion which now had conditions to be manipulated with success.

And there was a separation between light and darkness in the course of the first Day of Creation. 

During that process, thinking that light is everything that our sight captures and that darkness is what escapes from it, I remembered the Counsels we attended in the presence of the Creator as we listened to the Gods and archangels narrating Their experiences. 

Our spiritual eyes ran through time and space and witnessed the unfolding facts as they were described to us as if we were partakers of them. 

Those eyes were capable not only of capturing the light and decoding it, but of projecting images of all the real and virtual truths which we were aware of. Something similar to the images we cast in our dreams in this mortal life.

A dream is as close as an ordinary man will come to what his spiritual eyes once saw when that man dwelt in the presence of the Gods. 

Same can be said of narcotic or hallucinogenic substances that intensify experiences of virtual visions, which would be the best way to experience the sight of our spiritual bodies, if such substances did not expose our minds to those who are lurking, waiting for an opportunity to seize them, to be aware of our essence in search of that secret we carry in the most hidden place of our unconsciousness and that would allow them to have control over us. 

One of the great wonders of the physical body is the ability to capture light and color in all its beauty and enchantment, something that would not be possible only with the spiritual vision.

Although being blind to color and light, or having all sorts of distortions that hinder the interpretation and appreciation of the great gift of physical sight, it is not the gift itself that constitutes true perception, it only enhances it. 

In fact, there are many blind people who see better than those who were born with perfect physical eyes. 

The perception of light and color is physical, but vision actually occurs in the interpretation of what our body perceives, an interpretation that occurs in the communication of the energy that moves the physical vessel with the things this vessel can capture.

But this interpretation has always been subject to errors, or to the creation of "particular truths," which are only fragments of what actually sets us free, something that easily communicates with an individual or party but for some reason is not shared by others. 

Beauty is one of those particular truths. There are some truths that may be preferred by some or overlooked by others. So what is beautiful to someone cannot cause any charm in the eyes of someone else. And here lies the art of lying: presenting half-truths dressed in charm may be more effective than saying something that can not be verified in any way, even being true. 

A lie is therefore always clothed with some truth.

Living with those spirits for so long and seeing how their spiritual vision had been blunted, not only by the darkness of the place where they now lived but by a darkness that was now growing within themselves, made me realize how fragile our condition really was. 

We were light, but we were not recognized as light, for our light blinded those who saw us from the darkness. And at the end of those thousand years, we had not only made a separation between light and darkness but a separation between those who were of light and those who were of darkness, in an infinite and eternal way. 

At the end of that intervention, we returned to report to our Father the first Day of Creation.

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