3 de junho de 2018

Chapter 6: A City of Translucent Walls


As a good listener, my job has always been to keep records of everything. When, in the premortal world, we experience a routine that actually communicates with our true essence, even when we pass through the veil of oblivion, we retain remnants of that knowledge: those are the so-called "echoes of eternity."

A child composes a perfect symphony at the age of four and everyone thinks that such child is the earthly reincarnation of some famous musician of the past or that they were simply born with some anomaly that allows them to develop cognitive areas that others, even with much study, could not. But what they do not know is that in that Sphere from which we all have come, we all had access to the fullness of knowledge in the areas of our interest, and the only anomaly of the great geniuses is simply that they can recall what they were supposed to have forgotten.

Maybe that is why, when I, Udiel, was brought to the light of this Earth, words appealed to me so powerfully. Maybe that is why I have learned to read and write much sooner than all children of my age. Maybe that is why I have developed a natural ability to understand other languages and decipher logical patterns and notice interconnections of all sorts. Maybe that is why books have always enchanted me more than toys.

When we come across something familiar, we feel the pleasure of suitableness.

At birth on that planet where we lived before coming to this Earth, my curious eyes opened in the translucent cradle scouring everything around. My Mother took me in Her arms and said, "Because you have curious eyes, you will receive light and knowledge. Your name will be Udiel, and as a Divine Torch you will go where the eyes of your Father do not reach and you will take note of everything you see and will tell others."

And so it was, as our Mother had predicted. When Ahman was in our midst and chose some of us as His rulers, He gave me the task of making a record of the unfolding of the events that were about to take place in that Sphere, and later, in the new system of Spheres which they were about to create.

In fact, each son of Zeus had the responsibility to account for all of their own deeds, words and thoughts, but the chronicler archangels were responsible for keeping a much larger record.

Although each of the billions of spiritual children was in essence a particular individual with their own tastes and tendencies, their own difficulties and abilities, we acted as if we were a great harmonious and perfect spiritual body whose parts moved in accordance with the goals of the creation, growing in knowledge until we reached the fullness of our capacity.

When Heylel got up and made us wonder if the direction we were taking was in fact the best to be taken, that body collapsed.

Now that body had divided itself into a third of dissidents, a third of faithful servants and a third of undecided children.

Many of the dissidents had been brethren in whom we had placed great trust. They chose another path because they had progressed to the point where pride made them believe that they were above all that was presented to them as truth. They knew the price and were unwilling to pay off a debt they had been taken before they were fully aware of the terms of that agreement.

Many of the undecided children were divided between the trust they had placed in those dissenting brethren and the love they had for their Father, or the zeal they held for themselves. They had first supported Lucifer when he presented them with his alternative plan, for the demigod's arguments sounded quite assertive to them. However, they were not brave enough to maintain their position, for if such plan were to win the dispute, Zeus would be stripped of His throne and they would have no standard ever seen in other worlds of what to do in such a situation. Out of fear of the unknown, they reconsidered their position and supported Yahweh. But in their hearts, the seed of mistrust had been planted and germinated. A seed that followed them to their second state.

As for the faithful servants, they could be considered in at least three other categories: the blind servants, who were those who did not care for the arguments before them, for they had already chosen to defend Ahman and would fight for him with all their might without taking into consideration what they knew about themselves, about that God whom they defended, or about the intentions of His opponents; the reasonable servants, who were those who had grown in knowledge and therefore perceived the gravity of the situation and believed that only by supporting their Father's plan could they achieve some increase of glory; and finally the self-sacrificing servants, who were aware of the delicacy of the situation and did not despise what they knew about themselves and about Zeus when they considered the arguments of His opponents. They realized their risk of not seeing their Father again, but they knew that only by supporting His plan could they help more of their brethren to achieve greater glory.

On the day of the initiatory ceremonies, this multitude of children presented themselves before their Father to receive a new name and the instructions that would help them in their new state. 

We were not aware of how privacy would affect the way we would perceive and deal with our own ego. We had no idea what we would dare to think, what we would be able to say, and what we would have the courage to do when we thought such acts, words, or thoughts would be beyond the reach of others. 

In that realm where we lived, everything that was thought, said or done was shared. Although there was the number zero and the concept of emptiness, nothing within our reach in that Sphere was in fact without substance. The closest we could get from understanding this number was the concept of origin. But even to have an origin such thing should be projected before, and therefore it has substance in potency before being actual substance, so even the origin did not allow us to understand the essence of emptiness. 

The number one was also known to us, but it did not represent a concept of solitude, for to us that number represented unity, and unity only exists when there is something more to be united to, therefore our concept of one was already plural by essence. And because there was nothing private, there was also no reason to hide anything, be it action, thought or word. 

We walked around naked and there was no shame of our own nakedness nor were we scandalized with the nakedness of others. And our nakedness consisted not only of an absence of clothing, for we wore certain garments when the occasion demanded us. It was a nudity of intentions, as if our minds were transparent. 

When you live in a city with translucent walls, you get used to the transparencies. 

And the only secret we kept even from ourselves was who we really were. With so many names and titles, with so many encrusted aspirations, and so accustomed to what others said we should be, we had no idea what it would be to be stripped of all that knowledge and be dressed in new flesh. 

Our Father knew. He, unlike us, was covered with that flesh. He knew how important that flesh was in order for us to know ourselves and see ourselves as He already saw us. 

He also knew how much His distance would affect us, and how much that new state, however short, would make us realize what would indeed make us happy. 

None of us believed that we could be happy away from Him. That is why He needed to send us away. 

He called on Jehovah and Michael and ordered them to join a group of the best geologists and astrophysicists from that Sphere and go down with them to the place where Heylel and his dissidents had been imprisoned.

"There is unorganized matter in that pit. Go down and organize it so that it takes the form of a World like those You have seen us organize for the clusters that came before yours. That will be the first day of Creation. Take with you chroniclers and bring Me a report of what you have done there."

"We will do according to Your will, Elohim. Come down, Michael." 

"Come down, Jehovah."

And Jehovah and Michael, who would respectively be the Savior and the First Father in the flesh, gathered together the best craftsmen, the archangels who knew the manipulation of the elements, stars and energies that keep them in orbit, and went down to the place that Heylel and his angels called home. 

And I, Udiel, was among the chroniclers who descended with the entourage of Creators to take note of the events that would occur at the face of the abyss. 

Given the size of that planet where we lived, and the star around which it revolved, one day for us would be the equivalent of a thousand years on this Earth where we now inhabit. 

But each counts the time in their own way, for that hour in which someone expects something to happen is much longer than the same amount of time spent to carry out such an event. And the first Day of Creation lasted much longer than just a thousand years for us. Alone, in that system still empty, in the midst of the darkness, each moment reminded us and allowed us to experience intensely those numbers whose solitary and empty essence had been so difficult for us to assimilate.


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