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Chapter 4: And the Word Was with God


"I came as soon as I heard of the resolutions of the Council," said Rhea entering the Throne Atrium and embracing Asherah who was still utterly desolated with the departure of Her children. "A third of dissidents this time?"

"Yes, Mother, one third of the brightest."

"They are always the brightest, My Dear! I'm still getting used to the void of those losses."

"Hasn’t Father come along with you?"

"Chronos is no longer disturbed by such events, Hera. He deals with so many things that He barely has time to look to Himself. So many children, after all! I, on the other hand, still feel as if my uterus was being teared apart at every dissent."

"Likewise, Mother. On top of that, preparations are now beginning for the foundations of the New World and these atriums will become increasingly empty."

"Soon they will be filled again with a new cluster, and life will continue its course."

Elohim approached Rhea and kissed her. "We are very happy that You have come, Mother." And looking at His Wife, He continued, "Father is from another generation of Gods, Ash, I understand that He is no longer moved by those events. It is natural for new generations to deal differently with this diversity of feelings that experiences of loss allow us to have. I do not have a womb but I feel the same emptiness You both have mentioned. I would like to be able to hug them all and tell them that everything would be fine. But if I did so, everything would collapse. The will of a God not always coincides with His consciousness of what must in fact be done."

Rhea placed Her hand on Her Son’s shoulder. "Yes, Zeus, the harmony of the Cosmos depends on Our choices. It is not easy to deal with this sense of mourning caused by spiritual death, but they must follow their path; and You, Yours." She held His head by the nape of His neck and rested it on Her breast for a moment. He sighed in relief and kept His head like that for a while. She slid Her hand to Ahman's chin and lifted His head so She could look deep into His eyes. And it was as if She sucked the mourning out of His soul.

She then turned to Her Daughter and said, "Hera, where are the other Wives of Zeus, they must be equally desolated."

Asherah took Her Mother through the rooms of the Heavenly Mansion where the other Daughters and Nieces of the Old Goddess were.

While Rhea comforted Them, Ahman called me to His presence.

"Udiel, make me a record of all the archangels who came down to escort Lucifer and his fallen angels into the confinement of the New World; and a record of all those who, like you, have stayed in the Holy Place. First record the names of all who received priestly keys and then the names of those who were not appointed as My rulers.

You are My torch, the projection of My eyes where My sight naturally does not reach.

Today a new era begins in our eternal progress."

I did as I had been instructed and commanded a multitude of angels to scatter the Holy Place and talk to each of Ahman's children who had supported Jehovah as the Jesus of our Second State. And when they all came back with their records, I added the names of those who served in the Throne of the Creator and all who had descended into the new World escorting the hosts of dissidents. Having done that, I sealed the record, and presented it before the Gods.

When the census was completed, Jehovah and Michael had already returned with a record of all those they had escorted out of the Sacred Place and whose names were to be written off from the Book of Life so that they would no longer be numbered among the children of God.

The records were read, and names were considered for the elaboration of the first lines of authority. Thus the first plans for the creation of the New World were drawn up.

Rhea had already returned to her Husband's abode, but His reassuring presence in the Holy Place had restored our spirit and the sense of completeness we had always enjoyed in the presence of the Creator.

However, Yahweh was still a little apprehensive about the burden he had been given.

Realizing this, Ahman approached him. "My son, arise and be of good cheer."

Yahweh sighed. "If Thou sayest that we ought to pay this debt and that the only way to pay it is to stand before the demands of justice and be crushed and humiliated by them, I will do it. However, so many other Jesuses have already wavered in other worlds, causing irreversible imbalances to the glory of Their Fathers. The weight of this burden that Thou hast placed on my shoulders frightens me so. If I fail, it will only give Chaos even more power, and Lucifer will triumph over Thee."

"They were few if compared to all the Jesuses who have triumphed. Besides, we cannot blame such saviors, after all, the memory of their divinity had been blunted by the sick nature of their humanity. It's a risk we need to take."

"Isn’t it exactly the situation in which I will find myself in that state: stripped of my divinity and covered with doubts and temptations?"

"Yes, you will pass through the veil of oblivion, but I do not want you to think that you will be left alone or forsaken. I will watch over every step of yours and I will do whatever is necessary for you to present yourself properly prepared before the demands of Justice. I know there have been other Jesuses who have failed their missions in the past, but this will not happen to this cluster. This will not happen to you."

"What will happen to Heylel then? Will he follow in the footsteps of the Old Serpent and have his light sucked in by Chaos again?"

"Heylel is now the prince of the new World. He will not be the First Father, but he is already the first to inhabit the Earth that you will set into place. He will initiate his interventions on that Earth by opposing to everything you do there, even when he implies that he is on your side. He will lay the foundations of a new religion, and many will listen to what he tells them. And many will say that he is the Savior they seek, and many will believe. And he will tell others that there has never been and will never be any Savior, and that they are alone and will all die and cease to exist after death, and they will believe. And because many will believe in him, his domains will greatly increase."

"Why shalt Thou allow someone who has openly opposed to Thee to have such a fortune?"

"So he may serve Me in those matters Justice does not allow me to act. After all, opposition is necessary in all things, otherwise there are no choices; and if there are no choices, there is no freedom, which is the foundation of our Creation. 

When I created you all, I knew which elements and which intelligences I was bringing with me from the Abyss. There are no surprises at the birth of a spiritual child. And after an eternity beside them, making sure that they learn everything they need to learn, We know exactly what direction their egos take in the formation of their personalities. 

However, precisely because there is no corruption in this realm where we all inhabit, the choices are limited and the revelation of those egos is masked by a false idea of perfection that would never be achieved without the test of corruption. 

Your immortal essences must forget their divine origin and be enveloped in bloody flesh that will rot in disease and rust with every inhalation of the contaminated air of that Sphere that all of you will call Home. 

Fear and uncertainty in the face of that cruel reality will cause many to reveal their true nature. 

But I do not want you to think that there is only pain in humanity, there is also great pleasure. And those pleasures will be addictive to many in such a way that human nature will strip them of all everything that is divine in their essence. 

And Lucifer will use your name to promise them power, and because they will believe they have such power, they will subdue other men and enslave them, and they will rise up in war against one another. There will be much bloodshed and many atrocities, all to feed the pleasure of a few who will enjoy the filthiest face of power. 

In the midst of all that mud, there will be many who will find excuses for smiling, reasons for love, and motive for hope. There will be many who will find the peace that dwells within them, and the truth that liberates and leads to the happiness of being who they really are. 

That is why pain and fear are necessary. Without experiencing them, none of you would know the relief and confidence that comes after having recognized the truth in the midst of so many lies. 

You would not know happiness if you did not know the scary face of misery, you would not seek peace if you did not experience the horrors of war. Otherwise, you would never know who you really are, or what really makes you happy."

"If Thou knowest all those things about Thy children, why not judging us right here, sparing us all from such horrid suffering, Father?"

"You are the Word, the Scapegoat of Atonement. You will pay the price. Therefore, You will rule and pronounce the sentence over your brethren. But you cannot do it without experiencing the misery that I myself experienced one day, and find the strength to overcome it. Only then you will see everything as clearly as I see it. Only then you will surely be as I Am."

And Jehovah was proclaimed our Judge and Advocate, our Father and Brother, our Savior and Comforter. And He sat down at the right hand of God. 

Michael took the place that had previously been occupied by Lucifer, the place of the Holy Spirit, bearer of the keys of authority of his generation, the second Comforter. 

And the Councils for the establishment of the foundations of the New World began.


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