28 de abril de 2018

Chapter 3: Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

Broken-hearted, Ahman descended from His throne. Asherah threw herself into His arms with tears rolling down Her face. The other teary Wives entered the room hugging each other to alleviate Their sorrow, which seemed to suck up all the light from that wide, spacious hall.

At that moment, They shared a pain so deep that we, Their spiritual children, would only begin to understand after descending into our second State in order to experience the immense complexity of mortal sensations that our future physical, tangible bodies would allow us to feel. Only then would we be able to share that dark spectrum of humanity that seemed to emanate from those divine Beings in that moment of mourning.

Even though our spiritual minds were unable to fully grasp the depth of that death, the sensation was there, stealing our peace. And the best analogy I can now make to describe such an experience would be the image of a little child who hugs their parents when they weep at the departure of a loved one. The little child does not understand the reason for the grief that consumes their parents, but they can not avoid sharing the sensation. And a hug seems to be the only thing that would bring them comfort.

Just like little children who are not aware of the gravity of such solemn moments to realize whether they seek to comfort or be comforted by that hug which is a balm of relief for their parents, we felt the pain of Their loss and wept with Them, and we embraced each other, for great was the sorrow in Heaven.

Surely Ahman knew that such thing would happen sooner or later. However, knowing all things does not lessen the pain of feeling each of them. Besides, making the decision to expel one-third of His brightest children from His presence, and to stop counting them as children, giving them up to their own fate, all that made room for a sense of powerlessness to which an all-powerful Being is not accustomed to.

Asherah ran towards Heylel, who was still kneeling down on the floor, astonished after the verdict of his death sentence. Any separation is painful; however spiritual death, or banishment, unlike any other separations and deaths, is irrevocable.

She wanted to hug him, but Yahweh and Mikhael hurried to stop her.

"Mother, what does he have to do with you? His time’s come."

"Let Me hold him. He is My son."

"You have heard the decree of Father," said Yahweh with the coldness of a god who had not yet been softened by the experience of the flesh. "Heylel can no longer be counted as one of us. Behold, Mikhael, Thine child still. Draw closer to him. After the fall of the Morning Star, it is he who now rightfully occupies the place left open by the angel fallen at our feet."

Mikhael approached Asherah and hugged her tightly, preventing her from reaching the damned one.

Heylel gritted his teeth and, looking back, saw all the great multitude of spirits who, like him, were to be banished from the presence of the Almighty, many of whom had served the Most High with all their heart, strength and will. Angered, he rose suddenly.

"What kind of trial is this, Father? I present a plan that can save all of my brethren and death is my reward?"

Ahman looked at Heylel with tears in His eyes and a void that ripped His chest apart.

"Do not call Me by that title anymore. You do not know the pain that those words cause on Me, Lucifer. I love you so much. I do not want you to think that your trial was conducted on this occasion alone. A verdict is not just a sentence. And a sentence is not fair without evaluating the details that led to the crime. And this crime has ripened in your hearts since I brought you all out of the abyss. In every thought, in every word, in every act there is a judgment that is extended throughout all existence until the verdict is revealed. And as much as it hurts, I can not help but pronounce the sentence."

"What crime have we committed then? The crime of wanting to save You from a debt You do not have to pay? Why can’t the demands of Justice show up now to revoke Your throne in the face of this great injustice You have committed? Ain’t that what was supposed to happen if You ever came to do something that would cause us any harm or lead us to destruction? What I see is that You felt threatened when I asked You to give me part of Your glory. You are so obsessed with power that You can not allow any of Your children to surpass You in stature or even accumulate preeminent honor and glory, becoming somehow greater than You could ever be throughout eternities."

Recovering serenity, our Father replied, "I did what had to be done. I did what you wanted Me to do. I respected your will."

Disgusted, Lucifer cried out in a rush of anger, which was converted into tears and sorrow.

"Father, I never wanted to be expelled from Your presence. I do not know how to live far from You. Mother, why would you allow Him to do such madness?"

Beside Mikhael, Asherah replied, "Lucifer, you doubted the judgment of Amon, who is an omniscient Being, you doubted the truths that you learned in this sacred place, you doubted Our love for you. How could I intercede now?"

Ahman held out his arm at the right angle and blustered, "Enough, Ash! Lucifer, you wanted a part of My glory and I gave you a third of it. My glory is measured by the number of intelligences who willfully believe and follow Me. Your glory now is this entourage of fallen stars who dared to think that they knew better than their Father, spirits who once were the brightest in My kingdom. And because they doubted Me, they can not go to their second State in the flesh, a place of physical glory that I will prepare for My children; those fallen stars will never be able to experience the complexity of sensations the physical body would grant them in mortality, a body that would give them a full understanding of all things when their corruption were restored to incorruption, a wisdom that only the flesh would be able to allow them to have."

Commiserated with the unwary dissidents, He continued, "But you shall not live so far from Me, for this is not your last death. You will go to the Earth which will be prepared for My children to assist and participate in the unfolding of human history. Those who followed Me will pass through the veil of oblivion, but you will remember everything, as Lucifer wanted it to be in his plan. And because you will remember everything, you will know how to communicate with the children of men and you will again have a chance to convince them that you were right. And many of them will hearken to your voice, adding to your glory. Ain’t that what you wanted? But remember that, in the end, truth will triumph as it has triumphed in other worlds. And those who have hearkened to the voice of Him who has tasted all things, the One with a living knowledge of whatever He speaks of, yes, those who hearken to My voice will triumph along with truth itself. Now go. Jehovah and Michael will lead you to the new world."

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  1. This is one of (many) of my favorite chapters, and also one of the saddest! Necessary to understand the story and exemplar to avoid such paths which can destroy our divinity. Great work!

  2. Revisiting those chapters throughout the translation process is making me love even more this book. This chapter is surely one of the best.


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