25 de fevereiro de 2018

Chapter 2: The Scapegoat of Atonement


Like beams of resplendent light, so were the firstborn twins of Asherah, the eldest Wife of Ahman the Creator: "I Am" — who was also known as Yahweh, or Jehovah, among the many names by which he was called — and "Morning Star" — who was also called Heylel, or Lucifer, among the many names by which he was known — were the first intelligences who came out of Darkness and Chaos to that Sphere of Light and Order, and stood out among all the other intelligences who came afterwards, thus guaranteeing their birthright when Ahman the Creator stood in our midst and appointed them as rulers of the new Cluster.

The other intelligences, small seeds of energy that had lived in disarray in that dark well that sucked the light of Creation into itself, among whom were my essence and yours, and the essence of those who came before or who will come after us; yea, all the intelligences that left the Old Serpent's domain were, one by one, consumed by the Creator in order to be transmuted and planted in the womb of His Wives to germinate and be nourished and brought into the light of that Sphere.

From the moment of our spiritual birth, when we left the darkness of Chaos and entered the light of the Cosmos, everything we had learned from the Masters that accompanied the development of our personalities led us to that sacred occasion.

And I, Udiel, as if it were today, remember the day we ceased to be just passive apprentices, and became aware of our function within this great gear engineered by our most beloved Heavenly Father.

You may not remember, but you were there, too. If you try hard, you may feel that chill finding its way into your navel and running through the spine till it warps your ears and spreads over your back, draining off from your shoulders as if they were flaming wings; yea, those chills we feel whenever we experience a small spasm of Truth.

When we are born into a family like ours, we cannot expect that our Father will constantly be by our side. He has to work, like any other parent. Our Mothers also have Their occupations and we are at the mercy of our Masters most of the time.

And those Masters were so attentive that we hardly noticed the passing of eternities. Nonetheless, whenever our Father came to visit us, it was always a memorable event.

It’s a pity that the memory of those glorious days has been banished from the consciousness of men as they descended to this Earth to experience the bitter cup of death. Though I rejoice to know that this forgetfulness is momentary and soon we will all have our consciousness expanded and restored and each one will have their own impression of everything they experienced in the different States of their existence.

On that day, you will remember the moment it happened as if it were today.

As I said, our Father was a working man. Celestial Parents are Architects and Managers of the universes in which Their children dwell. Of course, like every architect’s, even Our Father’s most original creations were based on already existing principles and calculations, created by Architects older than Him. Architects who, like Him, continued Their work in other universes beyond the boundaries of ours.

But that never diminished His merit. We admired Him so much that all we wanted was for that time at His side never to pass. However, one does not grow to their parents’ stature if one does not walk on their own, and stumbles and falls so that they may learn to stand by themselves. And our Father knew that.

He had gone away for a while to take care of other clusters like ours and when He returned we had a great feast to receive Him.

When He was in our midst, He saw that many had progressed more than others during His absence. He called each one by name — each of the children who had developed the knowledge-related skills that our Masters had shared with us — and said to all,

"These I will make My rulers."

The "princes", or in other words, the first sons of His first Wife, were called to occupy the highest positions of leadership, one at His right side and the other at His left side in the Presidential Council, which we called Trinity.

Our Father wore a ceremonial cloak made of shiny calfskin. On His head, a bull-shaped helmet with long horns. He took robes of gleaming lambskin and set them upon the shoulders of His firstborn. And He overlaid their heads with goat-shaped helmets fashioned with equally long horns.

"When a king is crowned with horns, it is to remind him that his power comes from above, for the horns of his crown point upwards. My crown reminds Me that I have someone above Me whom I must honor and report to. Your crown reminds you that you ought to come to Me to pay the same reverence. For so it is in all the immensity of the endless universes. Where there is a star of great brightness, there will also be another of superior light. The brighter star will cause the less shiny ones to revolve around it for them to realize how much they need its light. And although there is an infinite range of greatness among you, these two crowned lambs are now the brightest stars in the midst of this cluster. To them you must seek in My absence."

Ahman crowned many other intelligences as kings and queens, princes and princesses, priests and priestesses, ministers and masters of every sort and office, according to the role that each one would exercise from then on to meet the needs of the great Plan of Happiness which He had architected for our second state. And He dressed these archangels with robes and cloaks, and He gave them instructions on what they should do.

"And whatever you do, you will do it in My name, and whatever you say, it will be as if your words came out of My own mouth. Therefore, beware of what fills your heart, for thought makes the word, and the word creates worlds. And it is not right that I should be blamed for the evil sayings and evil worlds henceforth created by you. However, since one cannot demand perfection from those who have not yet been raised to the deity stage, one must have someone to blame, a Scapegoat of Atonement, who would pay the price it was required of Me when I rescued your essences from the Abyss of Justice so that your intelligences could give birth to the spiritual bodies generated in the wombs of your heavenly Mothers."

We all knew what had already happened in previous worlds, with previous clusters. This was no news to us. One of the two who wore the lambskin cloak would need to make the sacrifice. This would be the price charged by the Old Serpent: the blood, the pain, and the death of the most perfect Son.

One of them would have to pay the price of the matter that was used to create us while the other would colonize the New World where we would live in.

Jehovah and Lucifer needed to decide what role they would occupy in the Creation of the New World. One would be the First Father, the one who would descend before all, and partake of the bitter fruit that would fill his veins with blood and allow him to give birth to us so we could experience the poison of mortal life; and the other would be the Scapegoat of Atonement, who would drink the cup of poison which the demands of Justice that inhabit the pit of darkness where we all came from would offer him, a poison that would make all his blood be shed, and by which power he would experience all the pains and hardships of existence without retreating so that all of us could be justified in our inability to be divine.

As the errands I, Udiel, received were not of a legislative order, my contact with the princes and other ruling archangels was restricted to the recording of their actions.

Heylel did not want to be the First Father, nor did he want to be the Scapegoat of Atonement. He did not want to do things the way they had always been done. After all, there had to be another way to pay off that debt, or get rid of that pledge. And he had finally found a way.

When Ahman, our Father, visited us again, Heylel had convened a general assembly to present his resolutions and ask his brethren for support.

"Father", he said "You know that among Your children I am the son who admires You the most. All I have done since the day I was aware of the reason for my existence was to follow Your footsteps and do the things that would make me wind up like You. I know Your mind, I know Your deeds, and I know that I am ready to advance to my second State."

Ahman, also known as Elohim, among the many names by which He has been called, went up to him, gripped his shoulders firmly and told him, rummaging through his soul, "Lucifer, you are the first light, the Morning Star, the first intelligence who came before Me when I stood on the brink of the abyss and faced the Old Serpent, you were the first consciousness to dwell in a spiritual body in My house, the first child of My first Spouse. Therefore, you and only you should follow ahead of everyone else and be the first to gain a physical body in the new Earth that we are about to create."

To which Heylel responded, "It would be a great honor to be the First Father of all men if this were the only option left for me, Elohim, but I leave this honor to Jehovah, who has always existed and is willing to get through with the plan that has already been performed in other worlds."

"Are you then offering yourself as My Only Begotten and Mediator in the flesh? Would you be willing to meet the demands of justice and suffer the pains of all men to be justified in their weaknesses?", asked the Creator, even knowing that it was not what fermented the heart of His child.

To which Heylel replied, "You know my heart, my Lord. You know I've been studying other possibilities. Your creditors require the blood of Your only begotten just because Your children are still unable to understand Your mind and, in their inability to be divine, they may commit errors that allow such creditors to revoke the matter that you purchased from them, thus preventing Your future increase of glory. But what would happen if someone who thinks as You think could make the decisions for Your children? So no one would make a mistake and there would be no debt to pay! And because I would be at the forefront of this endeavor, ensuring that everything would go according to plan, I suppose I could inherit that part of the glory from this Cluster that would exceed the amount of glory You usually receive at the end of each term. Don't you think this is fair?"

"Not everything that is fair promotes happiness, My son. After all, what happiness is there in coercion?"

"All of them will have all the time in the world to find out what makes them happy when that debt is taken away and we are able to lead our lives more peacefully, Father."

"Tell me, son, was this ever done before?"

"You know all things, Elohim. This has never been done before, which does not mean it can not be done now. After all, it's a totally reasonable plan."

"Has it never occurred to you that this has never been done before in any of the worlds I have created and in any of the worlds created by the other Gods of the Cosmos because freedom of choice is exactly what gives balance to the whole universe? The demands of Justice would feel cheated and would require our heads. I would cease to be God and your reign would last close to nothing."

"A God is Almighty by nature. We can do anything we dare to do if we calculate well. After all, you would have a whole army of children fighting in Your favor should the demands of Justice rise against You."

"My power lies in the respect I have gained from those over whom I rule. If I throw away their liberty, I will be seen by them as a tyrant. What endorsement can a dictator have that does not respect the individuality of those he governs?" 

"Give me Your part in this homestead and I will prove to you that all my children will respect me."

"Have they ceased to be My children already? Yahweh, what do you think of this?"

"Father, be Thy honor and glory forever. Send me and I will do as it was done in other worlds, I will drink from the bitter cup and pay the debt that we have with the demands of Justice. There is no reason why we should change a plan that is already perfect."

A laughter that reminded us of the Old Serpent’s cynicism echoed in the courts of the Heavenly Mansion. "Always thoughtful, this brother of mine! But how can we trust all our eternity on the shoulders of a demigod who will not even remember his own divinity? In passing through the veil of oblivion, Jehovah will be as lost as all of us on that earth, delivered to the same appeals of human nature we will be. He'll be a Scapegoat running aimlessly in the deserts of his own insecurities. If he yields to the impulses of his nature, even Thy Throne, Elohim, the only place we know as home, would be at stake. I just want to protect You and protect these fellow brothers of mine whom I love so much."

Hearing these words as they were a scary echo from the past, our Father closed His eyes, took a deep breath, approached His son and held out His hand.

"Lucifer, what do you know about the human condition? All you know are words and experiences from others because you have never experienced the corruption of blood in your own veins. Though this knowledge of yours is greater than that of your brethren, it is not perfect, for it is not the fruit of experience.

My knowledge of human nature on the other hand is real and personal for I have experienced it. I was a man before I was God and because I had such mortal experience I know which of My children would be able to pay this debt I can no longer pay.

If I still had blood in My veins, I would present myself before our creditors to quench their thirst for justice, I myself would drink the bitter cup and be crushed before them to satisfy their demands. However, all the blood that I had was already poured out to pay the debt of My fellow brothers."

"This suffering can be spared, my Father. We have been extorted by the demands of Justice for longer than we should."

"There is no extortion in our relationship to the demands of justice, My child, they provide us with the intelligences and the elements so that we can do our work, and they demand a price for it. It is nothing but fair that we pay the price they demand. Love can not be fully understood without fully understanding the need for justice. Justice has many eyes, sees through what is hidden, unveils all cloths. Love without the eyes of justice is only passion. And it is this passion for Me and this attachment for what you have here by My side that makes you unable to advance to your second state.

The fact is that you do not believe that your brother is able to pay your debt and you fear losing everything you have achieved here. And this passion distorts your vision and causes you to lose the measure of reason it is expected from those who occupy your position."

"I am the Morning Star. The son who comes closest to Your glory would not come up with a plan if he was not sure it would work. I love my fellow brothers too much to put them in danger. Let them decide then.

If You attach so much importance to their decision-making power, You must give them the right to choose whether they should follow this plan that the other Gods created before You and continue to do so in the universes in which They now inhabit — a plan that allows many to be lost and the demands of justice to grow their domains from time to time — or adhere to my plan and ensure that all of them are to come back to our presence free of any blemish.

I offer them security if they give up their freedom for a short time; You offer them freedom if they give up their memories for the same period of time. What assurances do they have that they will make good use of this blind liberty that this old-fashioned plan allows them to have? And how can they entrust their atonement to an equally hopelessly lost Scapegoat?"

At this point our Father realized that the words of the demigod had confused many of His children and raised His voice with great fury.

"My children, there is dissension in the Trinity: Lucifer, the Morning Star, who occupies a place beside Me in this Council, presented to you a plan I do not support, but I’ve noticed that many of you have been lured by his arguments. If all this cluster unanimously adheres to this plan, I will have no other choice but to retreat and leave you to your own fate.

However, Jehovah, who also serves by My side in this Council, and who understands that only by shedding his own blood he can carry out the work of Creation, offers himself as a sacrifice for those who raise their voices in support of the Plan of Happiness whose foundations were designed since before you existed.

Whom do you choose to serve?"

For the first time, that Sphere where we lived the threshold of our existence experienced the disorder of the abyss from where we had come. And there was great dissension among us. A real war of opinions has been waged. Heylel was very persuasive and his arguments made sense. It was not long before most of the brightest brethren were at his side. But Yahweh was persistent and charismatic. His emotional appeal touched many, and eventually he got the majority to support him.

After the voting, the Creator ordered all those who had been in favor of Heylel's plan to be banished from His presence.

And since then, Lucifer and a third of the spirits who supported him were no longer counted among the sons of Ahman. They did not keep their first state, because they were openly opposed to the Creator's will, and for this reason they could not advance with us to the next state, but their role in Eloim's plans was just beginning.

The Morning Star and its fallen angels felt themselves to be victims of the divine justice which seemed to them authoritarian and implausible and, by rebelling against the deity, they became the demands of justice of the new world that was about to be created, for only those who feel wronged can charge justice with property.


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