30 de dezembro de 2017

Chapter 1: The Bargain

In the beginning was Chaos. And Chaos made silence before His presence. He propelled into the darkness spreading light all around His majestic figure. But He did not take many steps forward. He gazed grimly at the dark, sad abyss at His feet. He restrained His splendor on the edge of the precipice, for the great portions of darkness were twisted with dismay down below. He held the wings of His influence as one who holds the reins of a rampant horse in order not to disturb the agitated intelligences.

"Who is this that pervades my domains?" Cried a hoarse voice from one of the portions of darkness that were reluctant against the light of the Creator.

"You know who I am and what I came for, and I know what you want in return. Step forward so that we may negotiate the price." The voice echoed solemnly in the grim abyss.

Out of the darkness, a sinister and disturbing laughter was heard. "What would become of the Architects of the endless universes without the ones who furnish them with the raw stones for their masonry? Oh, the irony of Creation! And the ones that were formerly despised are now magnified after all."

"I have never questioned your importance and role, nor have I come to you to compare greatness." The Creator extended His hand of flesh and bones. But the voice that came from the abyss remained hidden in the darkness.

"After all, you would not jeopardize your respected position!" And the dark smoke came about bragging in thunder and burning flames toward the Creator, who stood silently and serene at the edge of the abyss as He heard him shout to the four winds: "Everyone knows that in between the particles that amount the works of Your hands there is an infinite Chaos of everything and nothing that sustains those particles in their orbit. I am the Lord of Chaos, and none of these intelligences who hear us doubt my greatness."

To which the Creator replied, "One sees what one wants to see; one understands what one wants to understand, and obeys whom one wants to obey. For the beauty of existence is in the freedom to be what one actually intends to be or is able to do so."

At this point a few portions of the reluctant darkness had already yielded to the Creator's light, and Chaos was quieting gradually, which seemed to disturb the voice of the one who spoke from the dark mist. His eyes glittered in fury, and, stepping forward, he presented himself with the haughtiness of a tyrant.

"O foolish and fickle creatures! Keep listening to the soft and delicate voice of this One who lurks on the edge of the abyss and you will have to pay a price too high for the great promises that He will make you. To a gravel He will grant the glory of a castle. And the gravel will smile confidently at such a pompous promise. But when it becomes a humble hut, it will weep for a grandiosity it will never have. You will know sorrow for not having achieved the happiness that was promised to you."

When they heard the words of their master, one by one, the illuminated parts of the abyss faded again. Chaos resumed its dark, shapeless appearance.

An air of disappointment took the face of the Creator. Though He always dealt with the levity of inferior intelligences, the pain of His disappointment was apparent. And it was not that He was surprised by them, for such a reaction was already expected by the All-knowing One. Even so, the pain was there. Perhaps it was the proximity of the abyss.

But, He did not give in. He could not! He stepped forward and held out his bright, white hand in the direction of the Old Serpent, who was frightened, and hid again in the cloud of smoke.

With a choked voice, the Creator turned to the intelligences in disorder, and said, "Do not listen to this debauched creature. For if I tell a gravel that it can become a castle, it is because I know better, and I understand that it is what that gravel must hear from Me so that it ceases to be just a simple gravel and strives for a greater glory. And if it is to become a castle or a hut, it does not depend on My will; but on its free will alone."

And again, part of Chaos was quieted and allowed to be illuminated by the influence of the Creator. The dim light took over the abyss, and the darkness receded.

Another laughter was heard. "Freedom is a word that pours a honeyed potion in the ears and hearts of fools. He just mentioned that magic word and the clever intelligences have all allowed themselves to be illuminated by Him again. But, tell them, grandeur Being, what actually means that freedom You have offered them. Have You told those who accepted Your light the price they will have to pay for it? Have you spoken of all the suffering and pain?"

The Creator felt the fear grow in the hearts of the elements in disorder and said, "Do not worry about the price. Just trust in My words and all will be fine with you."

As the Creator spoke, a whirlwind formed around that one which came from the darkness, as if he were already expecting such an answer, "He always refuses to present the whole truth at once, for He knows that if He tells you everything that will actually happen, you would not follow Him. Thus He prefers to say that you will be free as long as you act according to every word that comes out of His mouth in order to preserve such freedom. What kind of freedom is that which comes along with reins and whips?"

And when again the elements of Chaos, deceived by the wiles of the Old Serpent, lost the glow they had hitherto permitted to receive, the great Creator lifted up His mantle and sat on the edge of the abyss. The intelligences, occupied in their usual confusion, did not even pay attention to the unusual scene before them.

The Architect of the universe began to sing the most gentle and sublime song. And the music was so beautiful that the melody broke the barriers of darkness and filled the most distant and reluctant recesses of the abyss. The light of the Creator communicated with the light of the intelligences in such a way that they all shone. And at that moment, the light in the abyss exceeded that of the midday sun.

"Come to Me, little ones, and I will make you realize the beauty of the harmony you now embrace. In it you will find true freedom. For if the gravel becomes a castle or a hut, it matters little. The plentitude lies in recognizing the perfection of creation itself. Yes, you will pay a price. And it will be a bitter price, I will not lie to you. However, your suffering will be bittersweet like this song, making darkness tremble before you, for you will see beauty and make it shine in a way Chaos could never grant you."

Light filled the confines of the abyss, and the reluctant parts of the darkness fled before the greatness of the Creator. The Old Serpent could not question the outcome of the bargain. But he promised he would charge the required price.

In the Heavenly Mansion, from the intelligences brought in from the darkness, the first twins were born, surrounded by celestial hosts who sang the triumph of Creation.

Their Mother held them in Her arms, tenderly kissing them, "Because you have always existed, your name will be 'I Am', and because you accepted the light of the Creator and shone in the midst of darkness, you will be called 'Morning Light'".

With tears in His eyes, Her Husband embraced Her happily.


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